Transport to Berlin

Transport to Berlin

Return Flights from London

Return flights for those who booked it have been arranged. Due to numbers flying we have split the group to be leaving from both Gatwic and Luton. There will be committee members at both places to coordinate flying out together. The list of who's on which plane is available here and the details of the flights are as follows:

Outbound: EZY2103
Departs: Wed 17 Aug 13:25
Arrives: Wed 17 Aug 16:10
Bag Drop Open: 11.25 - 12.45.


Return: EZY2104
Departs: Thu 25 Aug 16:40 
Arrives: Thu 25 Aug 17:30
Bag Drop Open: 14.40 - 16.00.

Outbound: EZY5415
Departs:  Wed 17 Aug 17:55 
Arrives: Wed 17 Aug 20:50 
Bag Drop Open: 15.55 - 17.15
Return: EZY5414
Departs: Thu 25 Aug 18:20 
Arrives: Thu 25 Aug 19:25 
Bag Drop Open: 16.20 - 17.40
You each have one hold bag with weight limit of up to 20kg. You are also allowed one piece of hand luggage with maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25cm. Please make sure you do not exceed either of these. There are restrictions on the types of items you can carry in your luggage - if you're not familiar with them you can find more details here and please feel free to ask the committee if you're still in doubt.


Own Transport Arranged

If you have chosen to arrange your own transport then please arrange to be on site some time in the late afternoon on 17th and to be leaving mid-morning on 25th. We'll be collecting information about your plans nearer the time, just so we know when to expect you.

Transport around Berlin

While in Berlin you will each have a travel card which allows you unlimited travel around the city zones A, B  and C on the public transport (U-Bahn, S-Bahn and buses). Again, this cost is included in your Witan fee so no extra to pay. However, you are in charge of keeping your travel card safe - we will not be paying for replacement cards. ABC zone gives you access to the outskirts of Berlin including places like Potsdam so there are quite a lot of places you can choose to go.

The travel card will mean your are essentially free to go wherever you like so you'll be able to get around the city during any free time you might have.


If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact