We will be camping at Zeltplatz Saatwinkel for the duration of our trip. The campsite has tents which we are going to hire to avoid having to take lots of tents out ourselves. The tents are 6 person tents and you can find out what tent you're in here. Each tent comes with camping beds and mattresses, you will all need to bring a single sheet to cover the mattress or face additional charges!

The site itself has a large kitchen which we will be using complete with fridge/freezer/storage rooms. The bathroom facilities are good - there are a good number of loos and deep basins available. However, there are only 4 showers so we will need to be sensible with those. On the field we will have a large marquee type tent which has tables and benches for eating at. There is also a children's play area which I'm sure will get some use, and a nice fire circle too.

The campsite is located on the edge of a lake and has a beach nearby so there is a lot to be done around the area if you want a hike, bike ride or a swim. There's also a small village nearby with some bars, cafes, boat hire places and a few other facilities so you may like to take a walk down there.

It takes about half an hour to get into the centre of Berlin via a bus and train so it's a perfect combination of countryside and camping with quick access to the city.


Directions to Site

From the City Centre

There are two best options for getting back from the centre of Berlin and one slightly less good option. You should be able to plan a route based on your map but you may well need to focus on changing at one of the main hub stations (Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin HBF), Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstraße and Potsdamer Platz). Here are the routes:

  • U6 to Holzhauser Straße -> 133 Bus from outside the station to Maienwerderweg. From there, a short walk to site.
  • U7 to Haselhorst -> 133 Bus from outside the station to Maienwederweg. From there, a short walk to site.
  • or the less good option: S-Bahn to Rathaus Spandau -> X33 Bus to either Gartenfeld (20 min walk to site) or Haselhorst -> 133 Bus to Maienwederweg with a short walk to site.

To get from the 113 bus stop to the campsite follow this handy picture:


From Berlin Schoenefeld Airport

There are a huge range of options to get to the campsite from Schoenefeld Airport. So your best bet is to get on a regional train, S-Bahn or U-Bahn line into the middle of Berlin to start off. Options for this journey include: S9, S45, RE7 (regional service train), RB14 (local service train). The main stations in Berlin are Berlin Hauptbahnhof (often abbreviated to Berlin HBF), Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstraße and Potsdamer Platz so keep an eye out for those for your journey in.

From there, take one of the routes from the city centre above.


From Tegal Airport

There are two main routes available from Tegal to the campsite:

  • X9 bus to Jakob-Kaiser-Platz -> U7 from Rathaus Spandau to Haselhorst -> 133 Bus from outside the station to Maienwerderweg. From there, a short walk to site.
  • 128 Bus to U Osloer Str. -> U6 from Alt-Tegel to Holzhauser Straße -> 133 Bus from outside the station to Maienwerderweg. From there, a short walk to site.


By Road

We strongly suggest you use a sat-nav or prepare maps before you leave. The address of the campsite is:

Zeltplatz Saatwinkel
Maienwerderweg im Jagen 61
13599 Berlin

When you arrive you will need to park in a gated area which can be found just to the right of the main entrance of the campsite, as you face it. Please park considerately and come and ask if you need help.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact