Here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions from over the last few months. We'll keep this updated with any good questions that come our way so please do check back! 


Does the site have easy access to the autobahn network?

Yes, the site is not far off the 111 which connects well to the rest of the network surrounding Berlin. Details for drivers are available here


What is the tent situation? How do we sign up and can a couple get a tent?

The majority of the tents are tents similar to patrol tents which will have 6 people in. Allocations are going out via email for those. There are a few people who will need to bring their own tents so if a couple wanted to do this then they could.


How can I get from Tegal Airport? Can I walk?

We wouldn't suggest walking, it is about a 5km walk and you may not be able to walk in the areas around the airport so it could be longer. Instead, we suggest you buy a one way ticket for about 3 Euros which will allow you to jourey through the city for 2 hrs. Directions to the campsite are available here.


I don't have a passport at the moment - how can I sign up?

We will need your passport details in order to complete your booking. So, if you don't have a passport then you need to get one sorted out as soon as possible. Passport renewals can take up to 3 weeks and first time applications will take at least 6 weeks. So, if it looks like your new passport won't get here in time drop us a line before booking closes. If we know you'd like to come then we will make arrangements to accommodate your booking.


When will we find out more about activities?

Once booking closes the committee can make a move on activity allocation. While we are still developing the details of the process it will go something like this: we will provide you with a list of activities; you then choose your more preferred activities; we go away and complete some computer jiggery-pokery to try and allocate everyone to as many of their preferred activities as possible; we'll show you the results of the computer jiggery-pokery; and then there's space for a bit of shuffling around. You should find yourself with an exciting programme of activities that is just what you want!


Is travel insurance included in the Witan cost?

Yes, travel insurance is included in the price of Witan. We will be taking out travel insurance with Unity and will be providing you with details of exactly what it covers later on. If you want to take out additional cover you are quite welcome to but you will need to arrange that yourself.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.